Keyena protective sole for athletic spikes

Discover the KEY ONE, the first protective sole specifically designed for track and field spikes.

A recurring problem : keyena’s solution

Indeed, the spikes are equipped with small nails called spikes that allow the shoes to adhere to the track surface.  Thus, this contact between the track and the spikes creates a relevant return of force. In addition to having a feeling of speed, the performance is also greatly optimized.

Consequently, the spikes are an essential element of the practice but also of the performance in athletics. However, they pose problems of comfort and optimization in the practice of athletics, from high level to leisure.


semelle de protection Keyena
key one semelle de protection

An innovative solution : key one

The KEY ONE protective insoles allow to protect and optimize the comfort of practice. Indeed, the spikes of athletic shoes are fragile elements that need to be maintained. When they are too worn, they must be changed and this can be very frequent. In addition, during training and competitions, it is not pleasant to slip out of the tread with 6 to 8 nails placed on the whole sole of the foot. As a result, some people opt for a sort of penguin walk, with their body weight on their heels, while others prefer to remove their shoes and put them back on afterwards. In both cases, these options are not relevant for comfort and concentration in the task.


KEYENA has come up with a solution that is relevant and unique in the world: protective soles for athletic spikes.

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Discover the Key one in detail on the Keyena website, and project yourself in a more comfortable and optimal practice: storage, displacements, protection… Nothing has been left to chance.

EMS Lyon, partner of the innovative company KEYENA